Things To Do For Kids

Every family has certain traditions which children remember and cherish when they grow up. It gives them a sense of stability, confidence and continuity; something to look forward to especially at the times when there is a lot of change outside home. It can be a religious ritual or just a small quirky custom. Here are a few fun things that you can do as a family and create some new memories as you do things together. Certain things you can do for kids. There are fun place for kids as well as fun things with the kids.

If you have a habit of saying a small prayer every morning, you can make it a family ritual by teaching your child the same prayer. He may be more interested in the “Prasad” initially, but as time goes by he may also come to regard it as his own special ritual too. Festival times are special too; most children carry memories of their Diwali celebrations or the month of Ramzan or their own Christmas tree. The sweets, clothes, gifts, rituals and family visits are all part of the family tradition they will most probably take to their own families. Some families conduct a satyanarayan havan, puja or thanksgiving prayer service every year; remember to explain to your child the significance of what you are doing. If you are a multi religious family, help him understand the different ways of both sides of the family. Raksha Bandhan and Holi are also great times to have special celebrations with the rest of the extended family. If you have a dog it’s fun to take him out for a walk everyday in the morning or after dinner. The family gets some exercise and a chance to catch up without the distraction of television or the phone. If you can’t have a big pet in the house, you can think of a small fish tank.

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