Public Art Downtown Orlando, Sculptures & Descriptions


1) Astrogenesis II

by Wendy Ross

Rising 30 feet into the sky, Astrogenesis II speaks to the manifestation of energy. Energy spirals throughout the structure enhanced by the arrangement of 12 triangular “florets” that spiral upward toward a spherical form of projections that glisten and quiver with the slightest of air currents and that glows from within at night. Astrogenesis II also evokes aspects of the botanical world. Like a plant reaching and turning toward the light and beyond, it represents a flowering of the possible.


2) Global Convergence

by Deedee Morrison

Global Convergence reflects the continued and as a result of technology, infrastructure and lifestyle. A 12’ globe was created with cut-out patterns made from industrial grade sheet aluminum that are welded to an aluminum frame. The patterns in the aluminum allow the panels to vibrantly showcase the school of Shoal Bass swimming in a blue hue cast from the interior LED lighting system.

3) Muse of Discovery

by Meg White

The Muse of Discovery is a monumental sculpture made from earthwork and limestone that portrays a reclining woman gazing at her opened hand, which is large enough for a child or adult to sit allowing its visitors to be part of the sculpture. The Muse of Discovery is a fanciful and interactive piece that excites the imagination of all its viewers. You are invited to sit in the hand of the Muse and discover your hidden potential as she whispers to you.

4) Take Flight

by Douwe Blumberg

On the water’s edge of Lake Eola, Take Flight depicts a flock of birds ascending into the sky. The birds are made from cast alloy and welded together to create the sculpture which complements the Lake Eola walkways and shoreline. Capturing a fleeting moment of beauty and defying gravity, Take Flight embodies a spirit of freedom and transcendent joy.


5) Union

by Ralfonso Gschwend

Union is a group of six 25-feet tall steel aluminum poles adorned at the top with numerous curved wings that when a small breeze blows orchestrates a continuous dance of 30 gracefully rotating, intersecting wings. Union is almost always in movement and so each time the sculpture is viewed it never seems the same. Just as life moves in unpredictable ways, Union and interaction of unseen forces.

6) Monument in Right Feet Major

by Todji Kurtzman

Monument in Right Feet Major was inspired by the towering skyscrapers of New York City and the young artists that the sculptor knew at that time who were doing the work to rise to the heights of their potential. Grounded in the earth with two right feet, it is clear to see the determination of this aspirant to look for answers within.

7) Cedar of Lebanon

by Jacob Harmeling

A reflection of our community’s diversity, strength and elegance, Cedar of Lebanon is a three-story high sculpted tree made from a combination of hand bent sprinkler pipes and mirrored stainless steel canopies that represent the tree’s leaves. The sculpture is lit from within. Cedar of Lebanon represents the natural, earthy elements that can be found throughout Orlando’s vast landscape.

8) Centered

by C.J. Rench

Centered is a bold monumental sculpture made of eight individual forms arching in perfect balance with a kinetic yellow center able to spin in the wind.

Because each piece of this sculpture is fabricated in various widths and colors, Centered seems to change its shape from every angle it is viewed. Centered makes reference to how Orlando is the center of family fun, experiences and memories. The yellow form in the center also pays tribute to Orlando’s clear and sunny weather.

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