Enter The Magical World Of Movies At Universal Studios Singapore

Located within the Sentosa Islands of Singapore is the citys second integrated theme resort park known as the Universal Studios. This landmark is probably one of the best tourist attractions possessed by this picturesque metropolis. Opened to the public on March 18, 2010 this phenomenal park boasts five rollercoasters, two water rides and a great number of many other activities to enthral a visitor of any age.

The Universal Studios in Singapore occupies a space of over 48 acres and houses 24 attractions and over 6 themed sections that include sections based on a television show or a blockbuster movie boasting the identical attractions and settings. Whats more, each zone has a character lookalike appearance. The park further houses one of the worlds tallest duelling rollercoasters based on the prestigious hit television drama Battlestar Galactica. The theme park also flaunts attractions such as a castle that was seen in the hit movie Shrek and a live rock musical by the infamous Universal monsters that take to the stage at the Monster Rock house. At the park, tourists can also see many Hollywood lookalikes strolling around for a visitor to notice.

The main zone of the park is known as the Hollywood Zone and this area features a vast array of gorgeous architecture. Visitors to this particular section can experience the famous Walk of Fame, which is a Hollywood Boulevard icon. The section also has a number of flagship stores and a shopping area for the discerning traveller.

Visitors to Universal Studios can also seek out the hidden treasures during the Treasure Hunters feature, moving through an abandoned excavation site by manoeuvring your own car while each mystery on offer unfolds. Revenge of the Mummy is another thrilling ride to discover. At the Studios, make sure to see Americas largest and grandest city, New York; feel the pulse of the city when you stroll along the streets and the sidewalks enjoying each attraction, landmark, the skyline and its neon lights.

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